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Content Management System

Since 2005, Blackpulp has been developing custom bespoke Content Management Systems designed specifically for client needs.  Our MinistryPlatform integrated website CMS allows you to drive as much content as possible from MinistryPlatform, utilizes MinistryPlatform authentication throughout the site, and creates the seamless user experience you’re looking for.

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Custom Portal

Blackpulp’s extensive experience designing and building websites combines with Blackpulp’s extensive experience integrating with MinistryPlatform.  We have fully custom Portal sites that cater the entire Portal experience to your church context.  With the sunsetting of the Think Ministry Portal scheduled for 2020, we can offer a full replacement that maintains all current functionality with the options to add features as needed.

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Group SMS

This custom Blackpulp application integrates with MinistryPlatform for the purpose of facilitating Group SMS Messaging among defined Groups inside the church community.  Only Group members can send and receive group messages and all messages are logged in the database for security.

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e-Newsletter App

MinistryPlatform is the single source of truth about the members of your church.  Use the data you know about your members to customize your communications with them.  With the e-Newsletter App you can send targeted promotions to your members.


Project Management App

For the Communications team at your church, project management is key to success.  With the Blackpulp Project Management App, you can track every detail and automate communication with designers, stakeholders, and managers.  Get things done right, on time, and on budget!

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Use the SMS Bot to automate communication with your congregation via text messaging.  Setup keywords for users to find information, get directions, register for events, give online and more.

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SMS Mask

This custom built application integrates with MinistryPlatform for the purpose of facilitating SMS Messaging between individual staff members and church members without revealing the staff member’s personal cell phone number.