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Content Management System

Since 2005, Blackpulp has been developing custom bespoke Content Management Systems designed specifically for client needs.  Our MinistryPlatform integrated website CMS allows you to drive as much content as possible from MinistryPlatform, utilizes MinistryPlatform authentication throughout the site, and creates the seamless user experience you’re looking for.

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Event Management

We get it, managing events, room assignments, equipment and servicing is a big job, and the best place to put all that data is in MinistryPlatform.  With the Blackpulp Event Management tools, your staff will have tools built specifically to work within MinistryPlatform to make each step in the process more efficient.  (COMING SOON)

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Group SMS

This custom Blackpulp application integrates with MinistryPlatform for the purpose of facilitating Group SMS Messaging among defined Groups inside the church community.  Only Group members can send and receive group messages and all messages are logged in the database for security.


HR Tools

This suite of tools extends the basic MinistryPlatform functionality to allow your HR department to more fully manage staff and related information in MinistryPlatform.


Media Manager

Have you ever needed to find an image that you attached to that Event in MinistryPlatform 2 years ago for Christmas Eve service?  Or have you ever wished you could change out the graphic for a series of records in MP all at once?  The Media Manager is a Core Tool that integrates directly with the MP file attachment system to let you do this and more.

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Search MP

Ever wished that your website visitors could search for “Membership Class” and get a list of upcoming Events from MinistryPlatform?  Blackpulp has a suite of search tools that integrate with WordPress, Ekklesia360 and other website platforms to get MP search results into the hands of those who need it most.

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SMS Mask

This custom built application integrates with MinistryPlatform for the purpose of facilitating SMS Messaging between individual staff members and church members without revealing the staff member’s personal cell phone number.

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Volunteer Management

Want to schedule and coordinate volunteers across multiple ministries?  Want to allow volunteers to be able to find a substitute when they go out of town?  This is the tool for you!  (COMING SOON)