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Blackpulp released the first MinistryPlatform integrated widget in 2016.  Since then we’ve built more than 50 different widgets.  From Group Finders to Pledge Forms to Event Listings to Registrations, we’ve got you covered.

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Event Management

We get it, managing events, room assignments, equipment and servicing is a big job, and the best place to put all that data is in MinistryPlatform.  With the Blackpulp Event Management tools, your staff will have tools built specifically to work within MinistryPlatform to make each step in the process more efficient.  (COMING SOON)

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Event Metrics App

The Event Metrics App is designed for staff and volunteers to record headcount data and other metrics for your Events from their mobile devices.  Granular controls in MinistryPlatform allow you to manage which users have access to which Events and event metric types allow you to easily record numbers for adults, children, students, etc.

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Event Submission

Your church members don’t have access to MinistryPlatform, but they often need to reserve a room for an event.  The Event Submission tool allows church members to submit all the information you need to review, approve, and add the event to the church calendar in an efficient manner.

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Facilities App

The Facilities App is a mobile progressive web app designed for your Facilities, Tech and Production staff who need on-the-go access to MinistryPlatform while performing their daily duties.  Staff can get real time information on events, room setups, equipment reservations, etc. and can even create their own favorite views of the calendar to help them do their jobs.

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Family Signup

The Family Signup widget allows you to setup your events in MinistryPlatform like you normally would, but it allows your users to signup one or more family members all at once.  Examples include: signing up all your kids for VBS in one step while choosing different options for each child; signing up Mom for bible study while registering two kids for childcare; and the options are endless!

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iCal Feed Service

Blackpulp’s customized iCal Feed Service allows users to subscribe to calendars for all kinds of purposes: Pastor On Call Calendar, Prayer Calendar, Facilities Setup Calendar, the list goes on and on!

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Search MP

Ever wished that your website visitors could search for “Membership Class” and get a list of upcoming Events from MinistryPlatform?  Blackpulp has a suite of search tools that integrate with WordPress, Ekklesia360 and other website platforms to get MP search results into the hands of those who need it most.

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Signup Slots

When your users to register and choose one or more time slots for themselves, the Signup Slots has you covered.  Connect the Signup Slots to a Volunteer Opportunities for Christmas or Easter services and get people registered quickly and easily.

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Ticketing App

Sell tickets for your next major event and store connect important information back into MinistryPlatform.  The Ticketing App integrates with Events, Custom Forms, Products, and Options allowing for maximum flexibility.