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Blackpulp released the first MinistryPlatform integrated widget in 2016.  Since then we’ve built more than 50 different widgets.  From Group Finders to Pledge Forms to Event Listings to Registrations, we’ve got you covered.


Alternate Authentication

Use the Alternate Authentication tool to get your church members authenticated quickly and easily. Users can login by entering their Email address, receive a code via email for verification, and be instantly authenticated to register, signup, and more.


Contribution Statements

Do you need a donor statement that includes soft credit giving?  Or that includes Pledge information for more than one campaign?  Blackpulp has a number of different customizable Contribution Statements that can be used in your regular communications with donors.

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Custom Portal

Blackpulp’s extensive experience designing and building websites combines with Blackpulp’s extensive experience integrating with MinistryPlatform.  We have fully custom Portal sites that cater the entire Portal experience to your church context.  With the sunsetting of the Think Ministry Portal scheduled for 2020, we can offer a full replacement that maintains all current functionality with the options to add features as needed.

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Event Submission

Your church members don’t have access to MinistryPlatform, but they often need to reserve a room for an event.  The Event Submission tool allows church members to submit all the information you need to review, approve, and add the event to the church calendar in an efficient manner.


My Profile App

Your church members have all the latest info about their family, including little Johnny’s latest cell phone number and Dad’s new work email address.  But you’d also like to get that Medical Release Form signed so that Johnny can go on the student trip.  With the My Profile App, Blackpulp can customize the experience for your church’s members.

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e-Newsletter App

MinistryPlatform is the single source of truth about the members of your church.  Use the data you know about your members to customize your communications with them.  With the e-Newsletter App you can send targeted promotions to your members.



The Sponsorship Apps developed by Blackpulp allow you to display real time sponsorship information for your sponsorship programs, such as Orphan Sponsorship, Intern Sponsorship, or Church Plant Sponsorship.  View available opportunities for sponsorship along with fundraising goals, bios, and more.