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Blackpulp released the first MinistryPlatform integrated widget in 2016.  Since then we’ve built more than 50 different widgets.  From Group Finders to Pledge Forms to Event Listings to Registrations, we’ve got you covered.


Assimilation App

Use the Assimilation App to manage your people pipelines.  Setup a pipeline for on boarding volunteers, training childcare workers, or approving deacons and elders.

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Connect Card

Remember when we used to pass the notepad down the pew during Sunday worship and sign in?  Use the Connect Card mobile app to allow your church members to mark their presence in worship, indicate their interest in Opportunities, and share Prayer Requests.

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Custom Portal

Blackpulp’s extensive experience designing and building websites combines with Blackpulp’s extensive experience integrating with MinistryPlatform.  We have fully custom Portal sites that cater the entire Portal experience to your church context.  With the sunsetting of the Think Ministry Portal scheduled for 2020, we can offer a full replacement that maintains all current functionality with the options to add features as needed.

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Signup Slots

When your users to register and choose one or more time slots for themselves, the Signup Slots has you covered.  Connect the Signup Slots to a Volunteer Opportunities for Christmas or Easter services and get people registered quickly and easily.


Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Use the Basden Johnson Spiritual Gifts Assessment to help your congregation find and utilize their God given gifts.

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Volunteer Management

Want to schedule and coordinate volunteers across multiple ministries?  Want to allow volunteers to be able to find a substitute when they go out of town?  This is the tool for you!  (COMING SOON)